We tried to make a claw set that was the highest quality, most realistic, and at an achievable price for everyone. These claws have been modeled from a real grizzly claw and straightened to look like the now-extinct Plains Grizzly. The plains grizzly had the most prized claws because they were longer, straighter, and were the most fierce of all the grizzlies. As you know, real grizzly claws come in many shades of color from light cream to a rich dark brown. We offer these in Cream, Honey and Brown. 


Read our blog post on how to add color to these claws along with the additional post on how to make a plains style claw necklace. Also, we have a compilation of great articles on how to assemble and the history behind bear claw necklaces. Check that out HERE.

Simulated Plains Grizzly Bear Claws (40 pack)