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Prairie Grizzly Claw Necklace with Teton Claws and Trade Beads

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Craig Jones recently finished a custom order for a prairie-style plains grizzly claw necklace using Teton Trade Cloth honey grizzly claws and Teton Trade Beads and Teton Trade Cloth 1800 English reproduction navy 6 band. Here is a step by step photo of the process (photos in reverse order). Added the ungual crest (see a photo of the anatomy of a bear claw) using brain tan buckskin that was glued to the claw and ochred the hide with red ochre (as many old claws had the crest ochred red. Some claws have added real grizzly fur to the crest as this was common on some old necklaces depending on how the claws were cut from the paw. The underside of the claws was also ochred as were present on many old necklaces. The core of the necklace was made with rolled trade cloth. The claws were secured to the core with a half hitch around the hide that strung the claws. The beads are strung on brain tan antelope hide (stronger and thinner than buckskin). The necklace is covered in one rectangular piece of otter hide and the otter dragger is removable in case the owner wanted to wear the necklace without the dragger. The dragger is decorated with a Prairie beaded piece at the top, Teton vintage hawk bells, beaded rosettes of vintage Italian beads and silk ribbons, and a German silver brooch. Also, we have a compilation of great articles on how to assemble and the history behind bear claw necklaces. Check that out HERE.

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