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Preserving Our History and Traditions

Teton Trade Cloth by Lenape is owned by the Delaware Tribe of Indians. We are operated by a Lenape woman as our CEO. As a 100% Native owned and operated business, we take culture seriously.

Lenape means “Original People”, in our Native language. Therefore, it is fitting to have our business called Teton Trade Cloth by Lenape, as we are for all people who wish to join us in celebrating the art, beauty, and traditions of Indigenous, Original Peoples. 

We are dedicated to providing trade goods of the highest quality, and in doing so, honor our heritage and traditions. We are proud to offer a unique platform for Native peoples to express themselves through Indigenous art and the celebration of our culture.  

Our products and offerings are for all people- Indigenous and Non-Native supporters alike, and we invite everyone no matter who they may be, to join in uplifting and celebrating Indigenous Art and Artists. 

All of our Artist designed products feature the original Artist’s name and Nation, allowing for an authentic thread to be followed from conception to creation. 

From quality woolens, beautifully designed blankets, to our ample oversized cotton fabric, vintage and reproduction trade beads, accessories and more, we are always looking for classic and unique ways to bring Native fashion forward in wearable art forms. 

When you shop with us, you not only support Native and Indigenous artists, you support our communities as well. Teton Trade Cloth by Lenape is a resource for Family and Children’s Services which supports not only Indigenous women, but all who need resources to fight against domestic violence and abuse. Counseling, advocacy, housing and treatment are just some of the ways we pour back into our communities.

 We thank you for joining us in creating how Indigenous culture in art and design continues to remain strong today.

Nulelintam eli paan. “Welcome! I’m glad you came.”- Teton Trade Cloth by Lenape

About The Teton Trade Cloth, by Lenape Logo
Teton Trade Cloth by Lenape Logo

The woman- representation of our matriarchal traditions. Women are highly respected and valued for their vision and guidance. Children born to a Lenape woman determine the Clan the children belong to and carry on.

Her position in the East- Our original homelands are in the NorthEastern woodlands along the Delaware Watershed. The sun rises from East and it’s also where we face in prayer to Creator for ceremony and wisdom.

Her red dot- This is our Traditional women’s paint for dance, celebrations and homecoming.

Her hair piece- worn at the back of the head this traditional hair piece is customary for Lenape women as part of their regalia.

Her hair- the length transcends to the base of the design and waves at the bottom reminiscent of the Delaware River which ran through our homelands.

The 3 clans- Delaware Tribal members belong to either the Turtle, Wolf, or Turkey clan. Clans were based on where the clan was in our homelands. You could see that representation in their clothes, tools, and surroundings.

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