Designed by Kiowa Dougherty (Kiowa) These amazing bandanas feature a fantastic design created by Kiowa About Kiowa Dougherty- “Tribal member of the Kiowa tribe on my fathers side, I come from a long line of artist and have explored many mediums of art, I myself am a professional tattoo artist of 7 years currently working at Bad Rock tattoo in Columbia falls montana. My father before me was a professional tattoo artist and retired from tattooing after 40 years in the industry, he also did custom leather work as his father my grandfather is a saddle maker, I also do beadwork and paint. I am a men’s northern traditional dancer and have been dancing ever since I could remember. Alot of my artwork is either inspired by cultural influences I’ve been around growing up and also graffiti I was a graffiti artist most of my teen years while tattooing a little on the side, art has been a passion of mine my entire life, always been fascinated with all art. I have a continuing drive to grow and expand my knowledge and art makes me very happy and satisfied with life thankful for my gifts and do my best to stay humble and am excited to be able to share my art with the world. Very excited to be a little part of Teton and grateful for this opportunity.” Oversized, 24 inch, 100% cotton, soft vintage feel. These are the finest on the market. These bandanas are large like old vintage bandanas, they fit, feel and look better. Made in USA Buy all 6 and save!

Kiowa Dougherty Cotton Bandanas by Teton Trade Cloth