With the increasing difficultly to find real pink conch discs, Teton is proud to introduce our Simulated Pink Conch Discs. 


These discs are fantastic for many uses and have that great pink color that is so desirable.


  • 4 sizes available (3", 2.5", 2" and 1.5")
  • Pink conch color that will not fade 
  •  Pre-drilled holes spaced 1/4" apart
  • Smooth fronts and textured backs- just like real shells
  • Realistic conch shell shapes
  • Resin- will never chip, crack or break with normal use 


If you're looking for a more realistic option, check out our hand-painted and cast resin conch discs here- Hand-Painted Resin Conch Discs


Simulated Pink Conch Discs