Simulated Elk Teeth From Teton! 


.30 each, sold per 100 teeth in a bag.


As part of our mission to offer the highest quality, exclusive products to our customers, we have been diligently working to produce an achievable replica elk ivory. We used 4 real bull ivories from our collection for the castings to produce these exact copies! 


With 4 different shapes, true to scale and with a classic ivory color, these Simulated Elk Teeth are a big improvement on the current market offerings in terms of quality, price and realism. 


Other replica teeth on the market are stylized versions of Elk Teeth. Teton Trade Cloth Simulated Elk Teeth will provide you with the real look at the fraction of the price from real Elk Ivories. We will of course continue to offer our premium line of hand cast and painted Elk Teeth as well. 


Read our blog article on how to add color to these ivories. 


PVC Cast Resin

Sold by each unit. 

4 different shapes, you will receive a random assortment of 100 teeth per bag. 


Bag of 100 Simulated Elk Teeth

SKU: Simulated Plastic Elk Teeth