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Throughout North America, there have been stories passed down, sightings made and encounters have taken place with the Bigfoot.

They have captivated our minds and intrigued many of us who want to know and learn more about the Bigfoot people.

Many Native Nations have stories and knowledge of the Bigfoot and know about thier power and presence.

Leading our team is world renowned Bigfoot researcher, Pete Buffalohead of the Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma. Pete has had many encounters and seen the Bigfoots in and around his homeplace in White Eagle, OK. He has spoken at conferences and contributed to the Bigfoot Research field extensively.

Here is some words from Pete about his tribe's story of the Bigfoot.

"The name we have for him is En-dah-thing-gah, which means creature of the dark. They did follow us down from the north when the Ponca people came to White Eagle. There was four of them that followed us and we called them gray blankets.

The reason for the name gray blankets was because we gifted them four old army blankets. The Ponca people had to sew them together to make them long enough for them to be used. The Bigfoots put them on like we wear our beaded blankets . That was one of the first story I was told and it's a keen story.

We did live with among each other, they lived with us and some of us lived with them. The Bigfoots taught us how to use the plants to live. Everything we did back in the old days we lived in harmony with nature.

We as natives pulled away from the Bigfoot. This happened when the white man moved into our lands. The white man had encounters with the Bigfoot and was not a good run in. This is when the white man told us the monsters (Bigfoot) were bad and would kill you. This is when the Poncas pulled away from the Bigfoots.

The Bigfoots know our history. There are so many stories on our encounters with the big foots. We have no stories of war with the Bigfoot, or stories that they would hurt a Ponca or non native. So what do you want to really know about the Bigfoots? " -Pete Buffalohead

We are always keen to hear a story of these creatures, and look forward to hearing your story and having you on the team!

Send us an email at with your bigfoot story, and we will be happy to share it at

​Join the Teton Bigfoot Research Team!

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