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Teton Ivories and Claws

Elk Ivory Replicas and Grizzly Bear Claw Replicas  


We are proud to offer the highest quality replica Grizzly Bear Claw set and Bull Elk Ivories. Hand cast and painted, these are the premium option for your project.


Our Replica Elk Teeth are cast from the several real bull elk ivories which gives you a beautiful variation of teeth in sizes and shapes for that special project you have planned. 


Read our article for all the information on elk ivories.  As these teeth are ultra-realistic, handmade and hand colored, they are in high demand and we cannot always guarantee availability of this item. The price compared to real teeth can’t be beat.


Our Grizzly Bear Claw Replica sets are the best that has ever been available to the public. Finished with the most desirable light honey color, our sets increase in length gradually as a true bear claw set would. Other providers only offer claws in several sizes, small, medium, and large, which leads to a stepped down look on your necklace. With our set, you will be able to recreate that old style and authentic look to your necklace. Hand cast and painted by professional artists and custom made to order. 


Simulated Elk Teeth and Simulated Grizzly Bear Claws


While we are immensely proud of our incredible replica sets, we wanted to be able to offer a high-quality simulated Elk Ivory and Grizzly Bear Claw for you.


Our line of simulated Elk Teeth and Bear Claws are unique, high quality, modeled from real Ivories and Claws and come at a very achievable price.


Our Simulated claws come in a set of 40 and with your choice of 3 colors, the possibilities are endless. Now, a high-quality bear claw necklace is achievable and attainable for all.


Our Simulated ivories have several different shapes and sizes. They can be used as is, or color can be applied to make them look even more realistic. At a truly achievable price for all, these have been a very popular option for many.

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