These silky-smooth satin scarves were designed by Perry Smith, Shuswap First Nations. 


These scarves are 35.5" square, satin polyester and silky smooth. These are super keen and will make you stand out!


Check out Perry's ledger art family book Powwow Dancing with Family available for sale on our site HERE


About the design: Inspired by the regalia of Indigenous people throughout North America; the headwear in this Teton Trade Cloth product represents the beauty and tradition of Powwow. I am excited to share drawings from my ledger drawing portfolio to co-create a unique fabric I hope you enjoy.  Perry Smith ~ Kꙻ anilqꙻ a?, Shuswap First Nations 


Imported and high quality, we are excited to bring these to you and cannot wait to see them out and about. 

Satin Scarf by Perry Smith