These silky-smooth satin scarves were designed by Cole Redhorse Jacobson (Mdewakanton Dakota).


These scarves are 35.5" square, satin polyester and silky smooth. These are super keen and will make you stand out!


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About Cole Redhorse Jacobson: "I'm an enrolled member of the Prairie Island Indian Community, and as Mdewakanton Dakota, our artwork expresses our relationship to our homelands of Minnesota. I’m a diverse artist, meaning I work in many different mediums, beadwork, quillwork, and drawing being some of the few. The main motivation behind what I do is working to revitalize the woodland traditions and material culture in our Dakota communities. Floral beadwork and ribbon work being some of the art forms my ancestors mastered. "


Imported and high quality, we are excited to bring these to you and cannot wait to see them out and about! 

Satin Scarf by Cole Redhorse Jacobson