Rainbow 4 Way Blanket


This Blanket and the matching cloth are dedicated to Native LGBTQ+ & Two Spirit community. Through this special cloth, will be announcing a partnership to help fund Native Non-Profit groups that are dedicated to uplifting and protecting the interests and rights of our LGBTQ+ Brothers and Sisters.


Created in 1978 by Gilbert Baker, the rainbow flag is an international symbol for LGBTQ+ pride and can be seen flying proudly, during both the promising times and the difficult ones, all around the world.


This striking fabric with its vertical rows of color intersects in a bold intersection where the yarns meet at the selvedge edge.  This cloth will set you apart from everyone else.  Limited quantities and sold in 2 yard sections.  


60" W x 72" L


Our 100% wool textiles have been distinctively designed to provide a material that is both based in tradition and unique.  Our trademark 10 band rainbow selvage trade cloth is easily recognizable at a distance as the finest available on the market today. 


  • Tightly woven

  • 20 ounce weight

  • Rich color

  • Contrasting selvedge

  • 10 bands

  • Heirloom quality

Rainbow 4 Way Blanket

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