Designed by Punky Daniels (Stoney / Nakoda) These amazing bandanas feature high resolution images of Quillwork created by Punky Oversized, 24 inch, 100% cotton, soft vintage feel. These are the finest on the market. These bandanas are large like old vintage bandanas, they fit, feel and look better. Abâ WathtechHello my name is Punky Daniels, I am 26 years old and from Morley, Ab. I am Stoney/Nakoda and a member of the Bearspaw band in Morley. I currently reside in Lethbridge, Ab with my family. I graduated at the Lethbridge College with a General Arts & Science Diploma. Currently attending the University of Lethbridge to obtain my B. Ed. I do many forms of crafting and art such as beading, sewing, leather work, painting parfleche and my main focus being quillwork. I have been doing quillwork for over 8 years now. I was taught quillwork from my late uncle Kidd Little Sky at the age of 12-13 years old before his passing. A few years later I used his knowledge and teachings that he has given me to create many pieces. He has taught me not only the techniques but shared stories which I will cherish. I pray and give thanks for his knowledge and teachings before starting each piece. Ishnyes (thank you) for the opportunity to showcase my work.Made in USA Buy all 5 and save!

Punky Daniels Quillwork Cotton Bandanas by Teton Trade Cloth