This belt is from the vision of Steven Paul Judd."Years ago I was surfing the internet and saw a man wearing a belt, and on that belt were these color images of native people. And I thought it was so cool, I wanted one! so I clicked on the picture and it was then I realized I just have bad eyesight, it was just a colorful wool belt, with zero pictures of people on it. 2 things happened, I had to buy some "readers" and two I went searching for that belt. I couldn't find it. I started coloring black and white photos on photoshop then made a prototype with the homies at @hix  Ok, so now I have one belt made, and I love it. But how do I make more? No idea. In steps the homies at @tetontradecloth and they were like, if it's something you want made, we can help ...and that long road leads us to today! All I ever wanted to do was make stuff that I thought was cool, but could never find. So this is one of those items. I hope you dig it." -SPJ @stevenpauljuddHe loves vintage denim and wanted a belt that had a frayed worn look to it. The signature Steven Paul Judd vintage images are printed on canvas with a raw edge and sewn onto a top grain cowhide belt. The canvas will fray as you wear it and add character, it can be trimmed or left as is. The buckle can be changed by unscrewing the rivets and can be replaced with a Steven Paul Judd "1491" buckle found on the Teton site (click the link on "1491"). The back of the belt bears Steven's signature and Teton logo. This is an instant classic for anyone looking for wearable art. Measure your favorite belt to determine which is the right fit for you. See our diagram that will help you get the right belt for you!

Leather Belt Designed by Steven Paul Judd