Fire and Water 4 Way Blankets 


These blankets feature "fire" striping on one end and "water" striping on the other. 

There are 2 different versions, the Water version has all "water" vertical 4 way bands on the sides and the Fire version has all "fire" vertical 4 way bands. 


Limited edition


This striking fabric with its vertical rows of color intersects in a bold intersection where the yarns meet at the selvedge edge.  This cloth will set you apart from everyone else.  Limited quantities and sold in 2 yard sections.  


60" W x 72" L


Our 100% wool textiles have been distinctively designed to provide a material that is both based in tradition and unique.  Our trademark 10 band rainbow selvage trade cloth is easily recognizable at a distance as the finest available on the market today. 


  • Tightly woven

  • 20 ounce weight

  • Rich color

  • Contrasting selvedge

  • 10 bands

  • Heirloom quality

Fire and Water 4 Way Blankets