Teton Serape Blankets are here! Over the past year, we have been working hard to develop these quality blankets. Knowing the importance of these blankets to the community for ceremonial dances, family obligations and giveaways, we endeavored to provide a high quality, visually attractive affordable alternative to the current market offering.  


Our blankets are 85% wool and 15% cotton (warp only) composition, along with a felt edge, these blankets are an instant classic and comparable in size and specification to the current market offering. Affixed in the corner is our satin woven Teton logo which boasts our ethos, “purveyors of distinctive trade goods”.


The inspiration for our design came from extensive research of historical examples of trade blankets. What we discovered is that many of the older blankets had wider, bold stripes throughout. If you look closely, you will see how our serape striping is an extension of our selvedge edge colors.


Queen size (60"x80")

Deep Purple Serape