Valentine's Day Photoshoot

Tsaa Pihi Tabeni (Good Heart Day) - Happy Valentine’s Day relatives!

My name is Peshawn Bread, I’m Comanche and the Creative Director of Teton Trade Cloth!

This year, I wanted to share my love for Valentine’s Day by putting together a shoot.

I love everything about the holiday; the heart-shaped boxes, sweets, the color scheme and of course gift giving! Personally, I feel like it’s a holiday to understand the people we hold close to our hearts and what their love language is whether it be giving gifts, crafting together, or just eating chocolates!

With this campaign, I wanted to showcase different ways of gifting our

products as well as touch on the theme “Crafting & Chill”. The pandemic has affected our communities and limits us from finding ways to celebrate holidays.

For Valentine's, I picked “Crafting & Chill” because it signifies the love we have when we give gifts and the love we put into crafting our regalia, clothing, or accessories!

As a Comanche, I was raised to give gifts that can have practical uses and as a creative, I love

finding ways to do so such as wrapping a bouquet of flowers with a bandana instead of paper or plastic! It’s a 2 in 1 gift and it’s pretty! I’m a huge romantic so I wanted to show the cheesy aspects of the holiday in the colors of our backgrounds, decorations and focus on how sweet Native gift giving can be!

Being based in Albuquerque, New Mexico my photographer Emily Seiler and I got together, and shot at an indigenous-owned business, 3719 Studios/Power Plant. They had an assortment of backgrounds from pink, white to grey!

We immediately fell in love with the pink backdrop and challenged ourselves to create the perfect shot with all the beautiful products sent from the Teton warehouse! It was overwhelming at first, but once we arranged the elk teeth into a heart we realized that we have the power to make each shot fun and dynamic!

Personally, I wanted to get the message of “Elk Teeth over Diamonds” across in one photo!

“Working with these perfectly festive products in this colorful setting was such a fun and spontaneous project that I really feel exudes the spirit of Valentine’s Day!” - Emily Seiler,


In the middle of the shoot, my friends Audrey and Ian came to assist us and Ian made his debut as a hand model! Audrey & Ian have been my friends on the powwow trail since we were in the juniors category, and their help brought extra love onto the set!

We ended up shooting 4 completely different setups with products ranging from glass trade

beads, elk teeth, Kira Murillo shoes, and bandanas/fabric! After the shoot, we ate as many mini cupcakes as possible and packed up!

Which photo is your favorite? I hope these photos bring warmth to you and your loved ones this holiday and sparks ideas of how to surprise them! (Also, I apologize but the beaded scissor case and needle holder isn’t for sale, it’s from my personal collection!)

Find all these products and more at

Below you can check out my moodboard/ Inspiration Equation! Urako, Thank you very much!

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