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Replica Eagle Claw Necklace by Craig Jones

Drill the bottom of the toes first. I use a drummer because I like the control that it offers. A drill press or a drill can also work just fine.

Once the end of the toes are drilled, run a coat hanger wire thought the holes so that they claws are lined up straight to determine where to make for the bridal string.

Marking the holes for the bridal string. It is easy to see from this side view how the holes taper slightly as the claws become shorter.

The claws lined p to make sure they are properly sorted. This is a great angle to see how much natural variation there is in our replica claws. This variation is exactly what you would find in real talons, rather than each claw looking exactly the same.

Marking the large holes for the bridal string.

Close up view of the variation in the claws and how to best sort them, you can see from this angle that some sorting is still needed.

Next the necklace is strung on stainless steel wire using the instructions in our blog post on making a trade bead necklace. I used the red white heart disc trade beads for the beads between the knuckle. I used round skunk beads for the bridal string.

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