Eagle Toe Amulet, by Craig Jones

An eagle toe decoration is common on the necklaces of many Native people. It is often strung with other beads and sometimes just on a piece of hide. Creating one using Teton Replica Eagle Toes is quite simple and is demonstrated in this article.

The steps and photos below.

  1. Cut with a saw, or you can use a cut off wheel on a Dremel to cut the toes as shown with the red lines.

  2. Sand or grind these so they fit together nicely and the claws are aligned.

  3. Use a very strong 2 part epoxy to glue them together.

  4. Once they are glued together, you can use a grinding tip on a Dremel to shape the top of the amulet.

  5. Wrap a piece of hide to cover the seam, wrapping it with beads is optional. Finally, run a piece of thong through the hide to tie to the necklace.

  6. To read about how to make a trade bead necklace, check out this article.

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