Cutting ermine strips

This post was prompted by a conversation with a friend recently about cutting ermine strips. Tanned ermine hides have paper thin skin and need to be cut very carefully. In general, these techniques can be used for cutting any hide including otter, angora etc. The desired effect is to have the hide look natural rather than cut straight across with scissors or a blade on a hard surface. This can be easily achieved with a sharp razor blade. I often use double sided razor blades as they are inexpensive and a new one can be used for each project to ensure maximum sharpness. Also these blades are thin and allow for flexibility of movement. An Exacto knife also works well. However, BE CAREFUL, they are super sharp and can cut you instantly. I have included a video that shows the technique of cutting furs, I apologize for the shaking hands, I had too much coffee that morning.

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