Jordan Drapeau x Teton Trade Cloth Collection


Jordan Marie Drapeau "Hoye Waste Win":

The Ihanktonwan Nakota (Yankton Sioux) Artist, Jordan Marie Drapeau "Pretty Voice Woman" has been showcasing her artwork for several years. Specializing in Porcupine Quillwork, an ancient art form where she adds a contemporary vision to this very delicate art. Originally, she started beading and sewing Native American fashion and design, she blended the two creating what we know as "JD Creations". This design was inspired by her quillwork, the quilled strip to the dragonflies. Lots of thought and prayer goes into every piece the JD Creations creates.


“Wopida Tanka to the Teton Trade Cloth Team for allowing me this opportunity. I hope everyone enjoys and loves this fabric just as much as I do. Looking forward to what everyone creates.” 


Follow JD Creations on Instagram @jordandraps & Facebook @JDCreations.HouseofQuills Don’t forget to check out her website at