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From our beginning, and throughout the production process, we have sent samples of our cloth to respected artists all around the country for their feedback.  Our goal is to provide a quality and affordable broadcloth for artists to create their beautiful works. We believe we have accomplished that with our cloth.

Mike Wright, textile artist

I was asked to do a review on the cloth so I'm going to go ahead and do that. The cloth is great! There you go for the basics. For those that want more, read on.

I got samples of the wool in green, blue, and black on Friday. All of them have a very nice weave and feel very smooth. When you hold it up to the sun you only see pinholes as opposed to yarns and weave. The weight is just right for what I use it for. Not too thick or too light. Cut edges don't unravel easily or drop threads like looser woven wools do. The selvage is very well defined and bold and even in thickness to the rest of the cloth. There is a little give in the bias but from what I can tell this is what you would expect and not out of the ordinary. From what I have pulled on in all directions, it keeps it's shape beautifully and will be great for all the things we expect cloth like this to be used for. Although I have not beaded on it yet I have a very strong suspicion it will hold up to 2 needle applique, lane stitch, sequin work and so on beautifully.


Being this is the first production run by Teton I have to say I am excited about this new entry to the trade cloth game. All the colors I have seen are beautiful and now that the 'tradish' have been covered I expect to see some bold new colors in the future (cough -light orchid/ lavender/ amethyst? - cough).


As for the company these guys have done their homework and have taken notes from those they asked about cloth. This is night and day top quality to their initial experimental run. Beautiful by every measure. For those that have watched the cloth game for years now, this is not like the random entries in the past 60 years that I know of. Often times someone makes a run and it's done and gone, and only used because it's there. This looks to be a cloth made to stay. 60 years from now people from Lodge Grass to Pawhuska will be pulling out blankets and dresses and such made from this. Did I mention I thought it was beautiful?


Word to the wise, go check it out. Pictures are great for spreading the word but the proof is in the pudding. At the price point, you can't beat it with a stick.... well you can, but it would be smarter to make something slick out of it.

Lydell Lincoln, Navajo textile artist 

A number of us have been sent samples to inspect and to assess. This is my unbiased and honest review of the new product line. Invariably, comparisons and differences will be made and noted. With Teton being graded according to what is perhaps a very high standard of product with a long standing and devout customer, consumer base. Fiercely loyal to America Broadcloth.  I think it would be a disservice to compare the two. Each is different in their own right. The usage and eventual purpose of each is fairly similar in the end.

What I love is that there is now a different and incredible product to add to the existing product line available for us all as eventual consumers, makers and wearers. More cloth. More variety. We should count ourselves fortunate to live when we have so much variation to draw from!  At nearly every time in history, we've had cloth of varying qualities available. Some still with us today lived thru periods where selection was limited to almost non-existent!

Teton Trade Cloth and it's proprietors have toiled hard to bring forth a product comparable too some of the finest history has had to offer. The cloth is affordable. It is 100% wool. Those two factors alone already set it high in the cloth hierarchy! Wool is by no means cheap. Never has been. It is a natural fiber that still commands a fair price especially when you bring it into the realm of broadcloth!  Having been a contributor along with others along the production path, offering whatever insight we could with regard to historical production processes and actual usages. We as makers of indian clothes. Wearers of indian clothes. That apply beadwork and ribbonwork or metalwork to cloth. We are a discerning lot! We can as so many across America or the world even. Spot a cloth that will take and hold to our intended purposes and call upon that material to bend to our will. If it fails to hit the mark. We will know it instantly!

I have a high level of confidence in Teton Trade Cloth at this point. I've begun the tedious process of applying two needle applique beadwork to a piece. Anyone that does that sort of work is aware.... quality matters! The weave and finish of this cloth is superb and will hold up to this type of work. It will hold up to ribbonwork or cloth applique work equally. It will take application of metal spots or sequins nicely.

The selvedge edge on this cloth is unique. Referred to historically by some as "rainbow cloth". It joins a long standing tradition and history of manufactured woolens for Native consumers.

I have little to no doubt that it is of a quality in league as some of the finest cloths produced to date.

Some will love it. Some will hate it. But it is a product I see no issue with from my initial assessment of its quality and application to my needs and my own personal uses.  I fully intend to buy it and to make clothes from it for personal use or for sale. I'm confident of its quality and stability.

Initial production runs were severely lacking in quality. Tightness of weave and finish. The final product I see and am working with is vastly superior!! A testament to the proprietors tirelessly working to attain a quality product. It's also going to be very affordable!!

I'd encourage you to at least purchase a yard or two. Come to your own conclusions. But. Personally speaking. As finicky, picky and snobbish as i am having had to bead on cloths of far lesser quality.... I'm sold on Teton Trade Cloth!!