Teton Trade Cloth

At Teton Trade Cloth, we are literally searching the world over to bring the finest in materials for the creation of heirloom quality American Indian artwork.  We are proud of offer textiles, raw materials, finished goods and antiques to our customers seeking the highest quality trade goods.  Our 100% wool trade cloth is offered in several colors.  We will make our best effort to always have stock of Red, Navy, Black and White and from time to time, various other colors.  In our attempt to offer a wide range of colors and textile variations, we cannot guarantee the availability of all colors all the time.  However, through our network of retailers across the country, we might be able to help you find the color your looking for if we don’t have it in stock. 


In some cases, we have “one of a kind”’ items, antique finds, old stock items that we were lucky to find as well as highly sought-after items that have been reproduced with the highest standards to provide discerning customers with the very best materials.  When the supply is limited, we will note this on the item.  While we encourage you to “take what you need” and leave some for others, be mindful that due to the scarcity of these items, you should not expect that we will have them for long or may ever be able to get them again. 

We are proud to put our names behind these offerings, we are honored to be able to supply you with materials worthy of being passed down to generations to come.   Looking for something special that we don’t have and is REALLY hard to find?  Send us a note, and maybe we can find it.