Caitlin Newago x Teton Trade Cloth Collection


Being an Anishinaabekwe from the south shores of Gitchi Gami (Lake Superior), I am predominantly influenced by Ojibwe traditional art styles. And as a lifelong survivor of abuse and debilitating trauma, I view my art as healing medicine. Reconnecting with my roots is crucial in finding myself, determining who I truly am and what my purpose in this life is. I have drawn strength from my art, culture, and my people. These have developed a strong foundation for my life.


I utilize traditional Ojibwe floral designs/mediums and combine them with contemporary art styles, mediums, and techniques. This is purposeful, as Native American art is seen as a long-lost historical marvel only to be seen on historical artifacts in museums. Too often in society, indigenous peoples are less than an afterthought- many aren’t even cognizant of our existence. By allowing my art to evolve with more present-day ideas and techniques, I hope to assist in the mainstream revival of the artistic aspects of my Anishinaabe culture- to help in spreading a simple and straightforward message of “we’re still here.” Anishinaabe people are still here, still creating, and fighting for our existence to be dignified.

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